Ebola epidemic is a fatal disease due to Ebola virus belonging to Filoviridae; currently the viral evolution caused more than 50% of death worldwide. Among the eight proteins of ZEBOV, there are four structural proteins VP35, VP40, VP24, and NP, which have important functions in the intercellular pathogenic mechanisms. The multi‐functionality of Ebola's viral proteins allows the virus to reduce its protein number to ensure its proper functioning and keeping the compact structure of the virus. Therefore, the aim of this chapter is to study the mechanism of replication and the roles of VP30, VP35, NP, and L in this process. We provide as well to highlight the influence of the virus on the immune system and on the VP24. Keywords: Ebola, VP35, VP40, VP24, pathogenic, replication, mechanisms, immune system.

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Hammou, Rahma Ait; Kasmi, Yassine; Khataby, Khadija; Laasri, Fatima Ezzahra; Boughribil, Said; Ennaji, My Mustapha