Data Tools

Collaborative Writing Tools

Google Drive Create documents, spreadsheets and more to share with a group.
Dropbox Paper

Read, Organize, and Annotate PDFs

Read and annotate PDFs and create groups to share them.
ReadCube Papers Read, annotate, and organize PDFs. Create teams for collaboration. Requires a subscription.
GoodReader Robust PDF reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Manage, read, and annotate files.
Foxit PDF Reader; Annotate, collaborate, and share PDFs.

Store and Organize Files

Dropbox Link your personal account to Busitema University Library's for additional storage
Google Drive Create documents, spreadsheets and more to share with a group.
Evernote Capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere. Share notes with friends and colleagues.

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Free Digital Tools for Researchers

  • Find innovative ways to communicate science and development
  • Figshare helps you connect with other researchers by uploading any file format to be made visible in the browser so that your figures, datasets, media, papers, posters, presentations and filesets can be disseminated.
  • Reference Management - Mendeley and Zotero
  • SumoPaint allows you to edit images online without installing any software
  • GIMP
  • writeLaTeX is a free service that lets you create, edit and share your scientific ideas online using LaTeX
  • Gliffy allows you to visualize your data - create flowcharts, diagrams, technical drawings and more.
  • is another alternative for online diagramming but built for speed and simplicity
  • For specific types of graphs with text, try textexture
  • Keep Google -allows you create sticky notes really fast
  • Trello is a web-based project management tool where you can organize projects in a dashboard view, containing one or more project-oriented boards
  • WorkFlowy is another organizational tool to collaborate on large team projects, take notes, write research papers or keep a journal.