Graduate Students Resources

Graduate students' Resources

Request for Programme Change.

This form should be filled in by candidates who have already registered to undertake graduate studies at Busitema University. No student shall be allowed to change subjects/courses/programmes after the fourth week of commencement of the semester. Transferring from one academic programme to another will be allowed only if the candidate possesses the required admission criteria for the programme for which transfer is being sought and if a vacancy exists in that programme. A copy of admission letter and academic transcripts MUST be attached to the form for the request to be considered. Download this form.

Notice of intention to submit a Thesis/Dissertation and Examination arrangements

This form is meant to be filled by a student who has finalized his/her thesis/dissertation and it is ready for examination. It should be filled in triplicate. Two copies of this form MUST be returned to the Department and Faculty. Download this form.

Postponement of Studies Form

This form should be filled in by candidates who are pursuing graduate programmes by Coursework and Dissertation at the coursework stage as stipulated in the Graduate Handbook
No candidate can be allowed to postpone studies if the candidate has not paid tuition fees and officially be registered for studies. 
A candidate may attach any relevant documents to support his/her request.
If Postponement is sought on medical grounds, the candidate MUST attach a medical report certified by the Medical Officer Busitema University. Download this form.

Application for Extension Form

This form should be filled by candidates who intend to apply for an extension
A candidate can only apply for extension for only three times. However, if a candidate is applying for second and third times, an extension fee shall be charged, and the receipt must be attached to this form 
This form must be filled in quadruplicate. Download this form

Amendment of PhD title

This form is filled by PhD candidates who intend to amend their PhD titles and topics. However, the following precautions should be put under consideration: 

  • Changes in the research topic and/or title in doctoral studies require approval by the Higher Degrees and Research Committee and Faculty Board. If the change in topic is not simply a focusing of the original topic, a new research proposal must be prepared and submitted to the Faculty Board via the Higher Degrees and Research Committee.
  • If the change is merely a focusing of one kind or another of the original topic and/or title, it must also be submitted, with a written justification, to the Faculty Board via the Faculty Secretary and Higher Degrees and Research Committee.
  • Title changes must be approved prior to submission for examination, or the examination panel may propose a title change during the oral examination, which must be recorded by the non-examining chair and included in their report. Download this form

Pro forma Cover page for Doctoral Submissions

This form must be completed by the supervisor, preferably electronically. 
The Admissions Committee must formulate a recommendation and sign the form
The committee should consist of at least four members, all of whom should have doctorates :

  1. The supervisor(s); the chair of the department (or a senior member from the department if the chair is the supervisor) who acts as the chair of the committee; 
  2. An additional member who is a senior colleague in the department.
  3. One further member from a related department.
  4. If preferred, the committee may have more than four members, but the representatives must be drawn from at least two departments. Download this form