Handbook & Policies

Handbook & Policies

Graduate Handbook

The Graduate Handbook contains rules, regulations, and materials that are key for the Graduate Students and staff. The information contained in this handbook is intended to serve as a source for easy access to the key University policies, guidelines, and operational procedures pertaining to Graduate Studies.  It is not an end in itself; therefore, you are encouraged to consult Programme Managers and the Management at various levels, where further clarity is needed. Download the handbook 

Research Dissemination Handbook

This handbook is to enable students in compilation and dissemination of research work to allow easy storage or archiving for future use by both the University and the society. This handbook is not exhaustive of all the issues that emerge in research but shall be a guide to the students and researchers in the University. Download the handbook

Busitema University plagiarism policy 

Busitema University plagiarism policy is a step in the direction of securing quality research and acts as a guideline to direct participants in research to act in the most ethical manner. This policy works in accordance with existing policies and adds on critical matters to be addressed in terms of plagiarism. The University management and the Directorate of Graduate Studies and Innovation have presented this policy to ensure that efforts towards research are unified whilst creating a regulatory environment that stimulates innovation.The policy provides a guideline on how to identify, manage and deter acts of plagiarism. Learn more about this policy

Busitema University Intellectual Property Policy 

Busitema University IP Policy is aimed at encouraging and supporting staff, researchers and students in creating and exploiting Intellectual Property. The expectation is that when the University commercializes IP, it will generate income for the inventor and the University. The University is committed towards managing, supporting development of its inventions and discoveries through patenting and licensing to industry in particular and generally to the private sector. Learn more about this policy