There are two levels of Registration. 

  • Once a candidate has been accepted for registration, he/she must complete a registration form, which accompanies the letter of admission, and return it to the DGSRI. The first level of registration is at the DGSRI, thereafter, one is expected to register at the Faculty/ Department level.
  • All registrations are handled by the Academic Registrar’s Office.
  • Before registering, one is not regarded as a Busitema University Student. Once a student has been accepted for registration, he/she must complete registration forms, both at the Directorate of Graduate Studies and at his/ her respective Faculty/Unit duly stamped and signed by the Registrar. 
  • Candidates shall renew their registration at the beginning of every subsequent year and upon paying the fees due to the University.


A Candidate is only registered after fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Evidence of payment of University fees as indicated on the admission  letter 
  • Two copies of certified academic transcripts/ certificates
  • Completed registration forms (Online/ Hard Copies) submitted for onward processing, signed by the Registrar 
  • Current valid identity card
  • Four passport-size photographs, 2 to be left at the Directorate of Graduate Studies, and one to be delivered to the Dean of Students and the fourth to the Faculty.