Annual Busitema University Science, Technology, and Innovation Conference (BUSTIC2023)

Busitema University was established as a multi-campus public university by Statutory Instrument No .22 of 2007. The University was established to provide equitable access to higher education; promotion of research and innovation; dissemination of knowledge and advancement of learning and acceleration of socio-economic transformation of rural communities.

Busitema University is to organize an annual conference that will bring together researchers, policy makers and implementers to share new knowledge related with the utilization of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in tackling health, climate change, industrialization with respect to local communities. The conference will also provide an opportunity to share the National priorities in line with the STI policy.

2.0.     Venue and Dates

The Busitema University 2nd Annual Science, Technology and Innovation Conference 2023 will be held at the Faculty of Engineering Conference Center from 24th to 25th May 2023.

3.0.     Participants

Participants of the BUSTIS2023 will primarily come from academic institutions, research organizations, senior-level policy makers and administrators, representatives of civil society, NGOs, and the private sector, including philanthropic organizations present in the region.

4.0.     Conference Goal

To  Create  a  Platform  for  Scientific  Knowledge  Exchange/Transfer  towards  Community Development

5.0.     Conference theme

Theme: “Innovative Approaches for Sustainable Health, Agricultural value addition and Climate Change Action towards Improved Liveilhood and Income”

6.0.     Conference tracks

Inspired by the Vision 2040 and the 2022/2023 National Budget theme of sustainable industrialization for inclusive growth, job creation and wealth creation, the presentations at BUSTIS 2023 are to come from the following themes:

Theme 1: Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Food Security
● Crop production
● Livestock production
● Post-harvest processes and technologies
● Fisheries and aquaculture
● Agribusiness
● Agricultural extension
● Climate Smart Agriculture
● Engineering and biotechnology
● Agricultural Value-Addition

 Theme 2: Health and Nutrition
● Communicable Diseases
● Non-Communicable Diseases
● Maternal & Child Health and Reproductive Health
● Malnutrition
● Medicines and Vaccines
● Environmental Health
● Community Health Systems
● Biomedical Engineering and E-health,
● Disability and rehabilitation
● One Health
● Livestock and wildlife health
● Pathogen economy
● Traditional and complementary medicine

Theme 3 :Infrastructure, Energy, Industrialization and Trade
● Material science and nanotechnology
● Textiles and polymers
● Improvement of manufacturing competitiveness
● Export driven manufacturing
● Technology development, transfer and commercialization
● Diversification of manufacturing
● Integration of regional manufacturing values chains
● Clusters and incubation development
● Development and harmonization of regional standards
● Renewable energy sources and technologies
● Energy conservation and efficiency
● Electrification for rural industry development
● Enhancement of regional trade facilitation

Theme 4: Natural Resources Management and Climate Change
● Biodiversity
● Fisheries and Aquaculture
● Forestry and agroforestry
● Oil, Gas and Minerals
● Resilience and adaptation to climate change
● Waste management
● Water resources
● Wildlife and Tourism

Theme 5: Indigenous Knowledge and Technology
● Traditional ecological knowledge and technologies
● Farming and food systems including indigenous food processing
● Medical, pharmaceutical and environment knowledge and technologies
● Construction and infrastructure development technologies
● Intellectual property rights registration and protection

Theme 6: Information Communication Technology and Digital Economy
● Artificial Intelligence
● Embedded systems
● ICT for (governance, commerce, agriculture, education.)
● Internet of things
● Digital services
● Efficient computing technologies and algorithms
● Data analytics and big data
● Cyber security
● Satellite technology
● Industry 4.0
● Robotics
● E-health

Theme 7: Education
● Curriculum reforms and reviews
● Open Distance learning(ODel)
● International and comparative education
● Early childhood education
● Learners’ engagement and identity
● Higher education policy
● Education policy borrowing
● Special education
● Physical education
● Gender mainstreaming

Theme 8: Management towards Economic transformation
● Business for society/social enterprises
● Entrepreneurship
● Organizational behavior and Human Resource Management
● Strategic management
● Economic transformation
● Monitoring and evaluation

Theme 9: Mobility, Aeronautics and Space science
● Material science and nanotechnology
● Automotive
● Satellite technologies

Call for Papers 2023
Important Dates
Submission Deadline
24th April 2023
Notice of Acceptance
1st May 2023
Registration Deadline
15th May 2023

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