Until today, February 22, 2016, no confirmed Ebola cases have been diagnosed in Americas (except USA, four cases with one death). Confusion, lack of knowledge, and fear have led to quickly misclassify cases as suspected, when in fact most of them are false alarms. Nevertheless, European governments summoned to mobilize resources to attend the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. And also Latin American governments should contrib‐ ute to halt this humanitarian crisis and to be prepared for the potential arrival of this deadly virus in the Caribbean, Central, and South American mainland. In this chapter, we described the experience of preparedness as well as risk assessment done in Latin America regarding the threat of Ebola for the region. Keywords: Ebola, preparedness, risk assessment, travel medicine, Latin America

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Rodriguez‐Morales, Alfonso J.; Cardona‐Ospina, Jaime AndrésFernanda‐Urbano, Sivia; Nasner‐Posso, Katherinn Melissa; Cruz‐Calderón, Stefania; Calvache‐Benavides, Carlos E.; Delgado‐Pascuaza, Yudy Lorena; Castillo, Juan Camilo; Alvarez‐Ríos, Maria Yamile; Marín‐Rincón, Hamilton A.; Urrutia, Liceth; Paniz‐Mondolfi, Alberto